Cape Town’s musical vagabonds, The Wild Eyes, are back to captivate you with their raw, honest and electrifying sound. Colourful, crafty and energetic, they take you on an audio rampage of the unexpected. They’re not a “white boys who can dance” kind of band, so P L E A S E do not mention Indie-Electro-Rock.









A foray of the fingers, the voice and the instruments, you’ll find Len Cockraft on drums, Nikhil Singh on guitar, vocals and synths, and Gareth Dawson on bass, noises and effects. Fluid and unpredictable like their moods, their unique sound is born out of a lucid, experimental organic process. “Most of the songs come out of jam sessions….it’s kinda’ all three of us writing subconsciously at the same time”.


The sound is as unique as it is esoteric, absorbing as it is surprising. It resonates with that distinct ambient-rock-indie energy, a sound Cape Town is still fervently exploring. Transcendent and conceptual, The Wild Eyes engage and fondle with electronic toys, using technology to amplify their creativity and push audio- boundaries.



“Like an exposed plug lying on a stage drenched in your own sweat”, the boys create a hypnotic reverie of multi-tiered, electronically drenched tracks. Death metal, Sticky fingers in a plug socket and a 9th birthday casino rap man…they’re scholars of electronic music, still learning and still moving forward.


The “Blue Meanie”, the “Grey Meanie”, the ARP 2600. It’s is on their list, and has been for a long time. With a plethora of switches & sliders, this vintage beauty would surely satisfy these analog synth aficionados. Perhaps this year, The Wild Eyes will cut down the naughtiness and get their wish.



Disko beats, Nazi uniforms, Venus and volume knobs….their influences are as unexpected and enthralling as the contours of their sounds; shaped and manipulated with tenacity and creative courage. It’s about stripping down and ripping apart any external pre-requisites and expectations, keeping it real and keeping it intimate.


Vigorous and highly infectious, the synth-driven and textured tracks send you on a reckless voyage of all things fresh. With The Wild Eyes, vintage synths should come in doubles, and preferably hand delivered by Isao Tomita. No software, just hardware, and bass lines on a diet of groove and melody.


“Each song is a unique entity and there are no formulas.” The Wild Eyes, just like you, are constantly creating new sounds. And what’s to come? Aside from deafening mayhem, corruption, poltergeist activity and some uncanny memories….get ready for a brave repertoire of shreaky, supernatural dancy gems.


words by: Sarah Claire Picton