Die Antwoord is back with an interesting video sure to turn some heads. Putting a new spin on the good girl meets bad boy saga, the video will shock and awe viewers into silence. Scantily clad dancers and aggressive lyrics make it very clear Cookie Thumper is not talking about your average Girl Scout cookies.

Although the video has been received with mixed reviews, there is one thing everyone can agree on, the shock factor. The controversial rap group delivered in jaw-dropping fashion to leave viewers excited, confused, inspired, and perhaps even slightly disgusted. Bandmate Ninja takes charge behind the camera, leaving wife Yo-Landi Vi$$er to take the lead in her first solo track. Ninja’s absence is hardly noticeable in light of Yo-landi’s barely-there bikini and steamy scenes with a toothless gangster.

image: konbini.com

The duo had a tough act to top following their previous video Fatty Boom Boom, but have they taken it too far? In less than 24 hours the video has received over 500,000 hits and created quite the buzz. We expect any product of this South African crew to be outrageous but this latest instalment has led some to wonder at what point does ‘creative genius’ become ‘attention-starved extremists?’ Both are entertaining if not unsettling, but ultimately it’s a blurred-jagged line. Comment below and let us know what you think!

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