Back from the dead and re-united with the living in the form of a hologram ghost, here comes a brand new faster-than-light performance by the late King of Pop. The computer-generated show to ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ — a new song off Jackson’s second post-humous album Xscape released on 13 May 2014 — was put on at the 2014 Billboard Awards on 18 May 2014 and garnered more attention than performances by living A-list artists.



What’s more, Xscape shot straight to number one and Dutch house DJ and producer Fedde Le Grand has honoured his majesty with a version of ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ (off Xscape), a festival hit for house and Michael Jackson fans alike. All this while the actual star is no longer with us.
Is this hype around resurrecting Michael Jackson amazing art? Or just a money-making scheme targeted at the King’s die-hard fans? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or tweeting us at @onesmallseedSA. But first enjoy the performance everybody is talking about below!

What do you think? Here are some of the comments people left below the video on Youtube. Feel free to continue the conversation. Is his name being misused? Would he have agreed to this?

Stephen Scott:

Truly awful. Michael didn’t release these songs when he was alive because they weren’t up to his high standards.

Stop milking his fans and tainting his catalogue of terrific music.

Awful and creepy.

Arlis Martinez:

I’m not completely satisfied with this hologram thing, I feel it could’ve been way better

If they used an impersonator then I know for a fact that’s not the best one

& if they had the option to use actual MJ videos scenes, etc. Then they should have, it would’ve probably felt more real

Overall, who ever was doing this hologram thing didn’t give it more thought & wasn’t creative with it. ..& must’ve never heard the phrase “Often imitated, never duplicated”

But just like every 1st try, it’s not perfect
I hope they do it again & realize MJ fans see through b.s.


I don’t care about how music industry makes money on Michael’s death..making him come back for a moment is priceless.


I am disappointed in the quality of the face model and the animation.
Everyone knows that they have the money to do a better job than this. Why do a holographic tribute to Michael Jackson if you are going to half ass it? I guess the people that made the hologram didn’t have enough time to make it better.