Earlier this week we have posted Apple’s short film Perspective. An amazingly well designed and visualized story that consists of all the incredible Apple tricks. But does the public still believe in Saint Jobs? Below some reactions on the beautifully created world, called “Apple“.

9GAG introduced Apple’s new iLine. They have used the very thing that tends to excite Apple fans: “being the first one in line”.

Nexus was using the release of the iPhone 6 as a promotion of the Nexus 4. Check out the (similarities?) differences below.


The Samsung and Apple war isn’t a new phenomenon anymore so it didn’t took long for Samsung to react after Apple announced two new smartphones at a media event. Samsung is taking aim with a series of new videos promoting its new Galaxy Note 4. Apple fans are being mocked for waiting on the new iphone 6…with a bigger screen. A BIGGER SCREEN!!!! Not that revolutionary, says Samsung.

And now even Ikea, Scandinavian Furniture Company, have made an Apple parody with their recent catalogue commercial. As chief Jorgen Eghammer explains in the spot,

“It’s not a digital book or an e-book. It’s a Bookbook.”