Jamie McCartney, Brighton based artist, perhaps best known for ‘The Great Wall of Vagina’, has delved into photography with ‘The Sum of Our Parts’. The project was exhibited in November 2014 (Hove, U.K), featuring a series of portraits created from many individual body parts that were taken using a scanning machine.



‘The Sum of Our Parts,’ says Jamie,

protests against the pervasive body fascism that sickens our society. Avoiding any image manipulation or airbrushing they portray the beauty of natural bodies, shown as the Gods intended.

one small seed interviewed Jamie in 2011 about the 400 plaster casts he sculpted of women’s vulva’s (‘The Great Wall of Vagina’), his latest work continues to transcend the erotic and pornographic connotations that often come with creating art out of nudity.


Keep posted for issue #3 of one small seed magazine where we delve a little deeper, and explore how the ‘vagina’ has been desensitised and exploited by the media to get more ‘clicks’…