The best of our 10 years in independent publishing has been curated in this epic edition… Welcome to one small seed magazine / issue 29 / digital 04. Going through the pages of 25 print magazines and our three digital issues to select the content has left us smiling, laughing, lingering and certainly remembering–and we have no doubt it’ll do the same for you!


Making use of our digital magazine features, we have been able to breathe new life to previous print content – and everything has truly come together, just how we always envisioned! Please take your time to go through this magazine (all at once or a little bit each day) as a lot of work went into producing every edition and every page, since we first launched in 2005. This issue is a superlative balance of content, comprising of traditional and contemporary art, photography, fashion editorials, exclusive interviews, videos, feature articles, music, and the best of one small seed TV.
So, without further ado…

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