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DJ DJNA ft. Jack Parow – Sick of it All

During his visit to Holland june this year Jack Parow visited the studio complex Kytopia to work with DJ DNA and drummer Michel Schoots. Two musicians that used to be part of what is called the most influential dutch band ever: Urban Dance Squad, who paved the way for (and heavily inspired) bands such as...

The young Hitler X Mercedes – A provocative new ad

Intelligent transportation systems are designed to protect human life. But what if cars have a soul and could influence the course of history? MCP is a provocative film project that raises these questions but Mercedes remains unconvinced. (Length: 01:19)


Paging through a collection of one small seed magazines, I came across a rather tickling photo shoot entitled South Beach, featured in issue 17, “The Wild Issue”. There is no mistaking its sexual undertone that defies all traditional sense of masculinity.          

Copywriter vs. Art Director

The eternal dispute between Copywriters and Art Directors, based on and created by Caio Pena (AD), Henrique Parada (AD) and Letícia Hanower (CW). The images speak for themselves… or do they? And so it continues.  

The Virtuosity of 140 bpm – an interview with 12th Planet

Dubstep has reached its pinnacle globally, and has now progressed beyond just a brand into various forms of electronic music. At the 2013 Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival in Detroit – which featured artists from indie rock, punk, metal, and dubstep – one small seed contributor Kelly Frazier was able to follow up with...

The Aesthetics of Science: Iris Van Herpen’s Voltage Haute Couture Collection

For her fourth collection presented in Paris as a guest member of the Chambre syndicale de la Haute Couture, Iris van Herpen explores the electricity of the body in her ostentatious Voltage Haute Couture Collection.

Picture Tree’s Fausto Becatti directs new Spoek Mathambo video

Picture Tree’s Fausto Becatti is the director behind Spoek Mathambo brand new video for Diesel+EDUN’s Studio Africa project. Titled Awufuni – or You Should Have Called (My Heart) – the clip is a colour-saturated, high-energy tribute to modern women that also exposes the vibrancy, creativity, and rich culture of South Africa. I wanted to celebrate...

T.O.M. – The journey of a young boy

T.O.M. is a multi-award winning short film from Holbrooks, which tells the journey of a young boy. (Length: 02.59)

Schemes of Love and Rubbish | Coco Bryce Q&A

Dutch producer/DJ and label-owner, Coco Bryce, is known for his eclectic dubstep, hip-hop and skweee DJ sets and productions, as well as his collaborations with and/or remixes for artists like SLUGABED, Kr∆mpfh∆ft, Pixelord & Kelpe. On Club Tropikana, released via Fremdtunes in March 2013, Bryce indulges in the sort of musical alchemy that sounds like...

adidas Originals presents All Originals Spring/Summer ’13

On Thursday 14 August, adidas Originals showcased key looks from their upcoming Spring Summer ’13 range at an exclusive, VIP fashion show hosted at AREA3. The project that led to the exhibition was developed to create an honest, bottom-up story that would resonate with the people who love the adidas brand.

Will you stay with me, until the very end?

Watch artist Faith47 painting the cemetery wall in Gaeta, during the Memorie Urbane Festival, Italy. Directed and shot by Blindeyefactory. Artwork by Faith47 and music by The Frown (Length: 02.10)

Ghostly International presents Andy Gilmore

A master of colour and geometric composition, Andy Gilmore‘s work is often characterized as kaleidoscopic and hypnotic, though it could just as well be described as visually acoustic, his often complex arrangements referencing the scales and melodies in music.(Length: 04.02)

| New Music | Crystal Stilts – ‘Future Folklore’

Crystal Stilts share a new track ‘Future Folklore” off their excellent new album ‘Nature Noir’ out September 16 on Sacred Bones Records. Founded by vocalist Brad Hargett and guitarist JB Townsend, Crystal Stilts have since come to include Andy Adler on bass, Keegan Cooke on drums, and organist Kyle Forester. Together the five-piece have crafted...