House of Hackney X PUMA

British fashion house, House of Hackney transpose their luxe design to create a special edition PUMA collection. We mirror this in Cape Town’s cityscape and feature the House of Hackney: SELECT Magazine Q&A one small seed magazine / Issue 28 / Digital 03: “#OPInTheNameOf” Issue, in partnership with PUMA.

RESISTANCE Project: Breaking the AK-47

Ralph Ziman’s RESISTANCE is a giant public art installation in Cape Town; a world record spanning more than 100 meters. Watch the 14-minute doccie on how the giant artwork depicting a broken AK-47 was formed! one small seed magazine / Issue 28 / Digital 08: “#OPInTheNameOf” Issue, in partnership with PUMA. Creativity in Momentum Creativity in Momentum

one small seed network (est. 2008) has over 61 700 images and 6 300 members – and these numbers increase daily! Roll with the creative momentum and become a member today! one small seed magazine / Issue 28 / Digital 03: “#OPInTheNameOf” Issue, in partnership with PUMA.

Celebrities strip down for Fishlove

Richard Branson, Jerry Hall, Gillian Anderson – to name a few – not only posed naked, but also embraced dead fish! Forget Yellowtail, here’s your catch of the day… one small seed magazine / Issue 28 / Digital 03: #OPInTheNameOf Issue, in partnership with PUMA.

ベジタブル・ウェポン | Vegetable Weapons

War gets a punch of parody! Tokyo artist Tsuyoshi Ozawa deconstructs political ideologies with his global project “Vegetable Weapons”. one small seed magazine / Issue 28 / Digital 03: “#OPInTheNameOf” Issue, in partnership with PUMA.

Vagina plaster caster turns to scanning naked body parts

Jamie McCartney, Brighton based artist, perhaps best known for ‘The Great Wall of Vagina’, has delved into photography with ‘The Sum of Our Parts’. The project was exhibited in November 2014 (Hove, U.K), featuring a series of portraits created from many individual body parts that were taken using a scanning machine. ‘The Sum of Our...

#SUPERFLEMISH: SUPERHEROES & SUPERVILLAINS fashioned in 16th Century Aristocratic attire

Ever imagined what superheroes would look like dressed as aristocrats in 16th Century garb? Well, thanks to French photographer Sacha Goldberger you won’t have to.


Watch this exquisite video of artist Garip Ay perform the art of Turkish Ebru aka ‘Paper Marbling’. And to think it started with just a few drops of ink in water…

From Penn’s ‘Capote’ to Warhol’s ‘Marilyn': “Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich” Tributes History’s Photographic Greats

15 years since the iconic “Being John Malkovich” came to our screens, American photographer Sandro Miller has collaborated with the actor, which is also his  long-time friend, John Malkovich to recreate some of the most famous portraits captured throughout history.The project, which is titled Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters.

A Pole, Sneakers, Fit Girls, And Crazy Poses.

Kate Davies’ photo shoot titled Double Trouble is one smokey affair as two super fit models – Chanda Ramires Ponce and Leda Wright – pull off some insane poses in killer kicks. Shot at Pole Dance in Cape Town, the photos are fun, fiery, and featured here for the world to see!

one small seed Magazine / Issue 26 / Digital 01: “The Irony of Reality”

one small seed, in partnership with PUMA, is extremely excited to release issue 26 of one small seed magazine – the “Irony of Reality” issue – which is also our first digital issue! We’ve done a 180 on the traditional page-turning experience, making it fun and interactive with videos just waiting for you to click...

Swirling, Naked…. Angelo Musco’s Haunting ‘Bodyscapes’

Italian-born Angelo Musco has a life journey as unique as his art; this guy is no average Joe. From birth he weighed in at a whopping 6.5 kilos after 11 months in the womb. Causing great complications during birth, Musco became trapped and turned blue and in a critical state he was rushed to hospital, leaving...

Eugenio Recuenco | A Cubism-inspired Fashion Shoot

Spanish photographer Eugenio Recuenco‘s photographs are known to be dark as well as theatrical, which becomes evident in his work on photo shoots with German shock-rockers Rammstein for example. Continuing to draw from cinematographic and painterly compositions, he created a series of real-life Picasso-inspired fashion photographs. Picasso is known to have said, It isn’t up...