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Monster Energy Drink video linked to Satan has gone viral!

Over four million people (so far!) have watched a video posted on the 9th of November of a woman explaining how she thinks that the branding of the energy drink is the work of the devil – infiltrating Christian homes!

Can you believe this? Just flipping awesome.

The Peacock Spider’s performance is something else man.

Die Antwoord’s #uglyboy features: Cara Delevingne, Marilyn Manson, Flea & Dita Von Teese

Die Antwoord have done it again! Their new music video for Ugly Boy features some serious names: Cara Delevingne, Marilyn Manson, Flea, Dita Von Teese, Jack Black, and Aphex. That is all… Nothing left to say!


Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp and Ninja from Die Antwoord performed Manson’s ‘The Beautiful People’ song (from his 1996 album Antichrist Superstar) this Halloween at the legendary Roxy Theatre in LA.

Another amazing cover of AC/DC’S ‘THUNDERSTRUCK’ goes viral!

Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of 2Cellos played their arrangement of the legendary AC/DC track ‘Thunderstruck’ in early 2014 and now Finnish band called Steve’n’Seagulls gives us their own version. AC/DC released in 1990 on their album The Razors Edge. As they say, the rest is history. We also know that history has...

Watch the “Mad Max: Fury Road” Official Trailer!

The first trailer for the 2015 release Mad Max: Fury Road is online! Directed, produced and co-written by George Miller, Fury Road will be the fourth film in Miller’s Mad Max franchise – and the first to be released in almost 30 years! With many of its exterior shots being filmed in Namibia and South...

Trailer for The Simpsons X Family Guy Cross-over Episode

For only the second time (its first being with The Critic) in 25 seasons, The Simpsons will be part of an official cross-over episode, this time with Family Guy. Comic-Con 2014 attendees got an early taste of the episode on Saturday 26 July – and now it’s our turn to check out the five-minute sneak...

45 Years Later, John Lennon’s Words on ‘War & Peace’ Highly Relevant to Today’s Crisis of Violence & Corruption

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck, snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced Lenon to do an interview about peace. 45 years later, Levitan produced a film about it. And now – in this time of period of shocking violence, corruption, poverty and...

Human LCD: Incredible Video of South Korean Cheerleaders!

This is a must-see video of high school students cheering for their soccer team. It’s no ordinary cheer leading performance either: the students, instead of holding up cards, use their clothes as their ‘cheering tools’. They sport a jacket that shows one colour on the back and a different one the front and, when opened,...

All the colours of the… Apple gay pride video!

A brand that continues to broaden the spectrum of ‘thinking design’, Apple has stood by their unwavering commitment to equality and diversity by making a stunning video showing their support in gay pride. (Length: 02.09)

After His Videos Went Viral, We Had To Find Out Who This Guy Was!

Matthew Silver‘s videos have become an internet sensation – ‘The Power of Now’ got over 10 000 shares on Facebook! But what’s more, he’s inspired many people with his unique brand of performance on the streets of New York City. He talks about the importance of living in the moment and doing what you love....

Just Released: SunBurn Goa 2013 – The Official After Movie!

Warm yourself up and check out the after movie for SunBurn Goa 2013! For its seventh season in Goa, this world-leading dance music festival attracted over 160 000 people worldwide. (Length: 6.35) Bringing some of the most sought-after names in electronic music to India’s popular west coast shoreline, crowds were entertained by dance music royalty....

“Etereas” – Animation Short

A hula hoop floats amidst a stunning location of México city. As it moves, a dancer appears and plays with the hoop. Every movement creates lines, impressive shapes and lights that float in the space as if being drawn to gradually create an impressive sculpture in movement. (Length: 03:53)