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Friday — 7 July, 2014 — saw the official release of a brand new EP by MR SAKITUMI entitled Sweet & Sour Vol. 2.. It follows the release of Vol. 1 (in December 2013), which was the first in his Sweet & Sour Series.

First Seeds For First Times

Every action is creative and every passionate action is art – Matthew Stone (I.D. Magazine) So, for every passionate action there should be a passionate reaction, right? From planting a seed to forming a movement, here’s a look back at first thoughts on one small seed, first encounters with the magazine and some first ‘creative...

The Sound of Nature: A Vinyl Made of Wood

Life is made up of a series of ones and zeros – these sets of data are fundamentally what connects us. Especially when they form a symphony and tell a story like no other. Bartholomäus Traubeck makes a record player that can interpret the data in tree wood into music! Human beings have communicated and...

Contact to The Caverns of Telos | The Lumerians

Influenced by music that transcends cultural, historical and genre assumptions, such as 1970s German Krautrock bands Can and Neu!, as well as African, South American and Turkish psychedelic rock, The Lumerians manage to create a sound that is neither of past, present nor future but simply of intelligent but not over-thought quality. This may be...

| Competition | Griet & Arcade Empire presents Halloween 2013!

Welcome to Halloween 2013! On Friday 1 November GRIET and Arcade Empire have joined forces to bring you a massive Halloween Block Party Experience. Three themed stages, a killer line-up and plenty surprises… What more can you want! So, if you’re in PTA over Halloween, read on to see how to win a double ticket...

A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa Video (Co-starring Rihanna)

The comments alone are enough of a reason to watch the latest video from A$AP: ‘Bitch Please’, ‘What’s with Rhi Rhi’s mullet?’, ‘Both Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are from Barbados and they are fucking together so that makes sense…’ and ‘Clams makes this guy shine’. Need we say more…? (Length:04:46)

Daft Punk – Lose Yourself to Dance (Official Video)

Here’s the new video from Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams and directed by Thomas Bangalter, Guyman de Homem-Christo, Warren Fu, Paul Hahn and Cedric Hervet (Length: 04:11).

MiNNAAR: A long time comin’

MiNNAAR is an explosive and long-overdue musical collaboration between brother and sister Louis and Magdalene MiNNAAR. The super-talented siblings have been brooding over this symbiotic project for many months, engrossed in the crafting of their dramatic lyrics, soaring melodies and crunching beats. Not being governed by any specific genre, MiNNAAR’s music weaves an electronic beat...

| Interview | TOKiMONSTA: Telling Stories

In a music industry dominated by men, TOKiMONSTA (born Jennifer Lee) is a unique figure even amongst her female counterparts. Bridging the gap between electronic music and hip hop, her unique style includes elements of dance music while incorporating the ethereal mood of head-nodding beats. Preferring to just be herself, while not exploiting her looks...


The latest project from BIG FKN GUN is their song ‘Wunga’, which shows their take on the drug that is currently destroying the youth in Durban and spreading to other townships. Directed by Ravi Govender(length: 04:10)

Interpret Durban 4 leaves eThekwini in smiles

Interpret Durban is an arts and culture event in Durban South Africa. On the 31 August, Durban’s stunning 103-year-old City Hall welcomed the fourth edition of the festival, with a theme ‘The Concrete Circus Edition’.

Picture Tree’s Fausto Becatti directs new Spoek Mathambo video

Picture Tree’s Fausto Becatti is the director behind Spoek Mathambo brand new video for Diesel+EDUN’s Studio Africa project. Titled Awufuni – or You Should Have Called (My Heart) – the clip is a colour-saturated, high-energy tribute to modern women that also exposes the vibrancy, creativity, and rich culture of South Africa. I wanted to celebrate...

Schemes of Love and Rubbish | Coco Bryce Q&A

Dutch producer/DJ and label-owner, Coco Bryce, is known for his eclectic dubstep, hip-hop and skweee DJ sets and productions, as well as his collaborations with and/or remixes for artists like SLUGABED, Kr∆mpfh∆ft, Pixelord & Kelpe. On Club Tropikana, released via Fremdtunes in March 2013, Bryce indulges in the sort of musical alchemy that sounds like...