…And here it is – episode four of Boom+27, our online pop culture news show! Come with us as we check out the Design Market, Artliftment Park Jam, Sowing the Seeds and Rubadub. On our side – make sure you’ve cast your vote for your top Selected Creative on onesmallseed.net and decide who will be featured in issue 23! We also chat to musician/performer Mr Sakitumi in our exclusive onesmallseed.tv mini-doccie series ‘What’s Your Story’, and for all you Tribe fans – you can look forward to the release of their long-awaited doccie Beats, Rhymes and Life – which premiered at Sundance earlier this year. Stay tuned.



What is Boom+27?

Boom+27 is a bi-weekly online news portal showcasing a recap of all the latest events going on in and around Cape Town, Johannesburg and other South African cities. Featuring festivals, parties, award ceremonies, live gigs, exhibitions and more, one small seed will be there to keep you up-to-date on all things relevant in the world of pop culture. This punchy, entertaining video clip captures the phenomenally good, the unforeseen and the hilariously bad going on in SA, providing the discerning audience an on-the-ball overview of what’s been happening.

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