The idea of collaboration between a hip-hop legend and fashion is hardly a new idea, but when it looks as good as the WeSC x RZA line, scheduled for Oct 2011, it’s hard not to get excited.

RZA is among the most respected hip hop producers of all time without even mentioning the groundbreaking work he has done in pretty much all mediums of entertainment. Now bringing his overwhelming presence into the realm of fashion, RZA is ready to blow your mind in collaboration with Sweden’s arguably most popular alternative clothing line, WeSC.

Not much is known about the Chambers clothing line presently, but the website includes a countdown which begs you to stare with bated breath as we draw closer to it’s unveiling. We are the Superlative Conspiracy is no stranger to partnering with talented musicians on clothing lines, but when the juggernaut RZA is involved you can be sure that this collaboration is going to produce something incredibly powerful and unique.