It’s what goes bump in the night and crawls steadily up your spine; it’s what challenges your existential views and unravels the fabric of your mind. It’s coming to the Labia this weekend and it will draw you in kicking and screaming.

We’ve got three double tickets to give away to a screening of either Dolle Morte or The Taint, pick your poison. Read on to find out how you can win.

The X Fest Film Festival is now in it’s fourth incarnation proves that with experience comes knowledge; in this case knowing what you want. The best in underground extreme cult film will be on show at the Labia on the 5th, 6th and 7th of August, featuring Trash Humpers from acclaimed and infamous Harmony Korine.

Trash Humpers follows rebellious geriatrics and “loser-gang cult-freak collectives” as it takes us on a journey back to a time of VHS and analog. Harmony Korine, best known as the writer of the Larry Clark directed Kids and his own cult directorial outing Gummo, strikes all the right (or wrong depending on your preference) chords with yet another poignant avant-garde project straight out of Nashville, Tennessee (his hometowm). Included in that screening is Die Antwoord’s own Korine directed short film, ‘Umshini Wam‘ which should pump the crowd up.

Among other highlights to expect is the ever relevant X FLiX short film collection, Dolle Morte a twisted macabre take on dolls, ever gory and unforgiving The Taint and recently uncovered gem The Electric Chair which notches the enigma level up to 11.

For your chance to win the double tickets, simply comment below with the answer to this simple question; where is Harmony Korine’s hometown?