Signed to sSHADOWORKSs, Steve Elsworth aka Audiophile021 is an unquantifiable music powerhouse. one small seed spends a bit of time with Steve, from his base at the Red Bull Studios to playing live at The Assembly on the 11 May 2012 and at the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival on the 31 March 2012. Turn up the volume – here’s a taste of Audiophile021. (Length 02:37)


The head sound engineer of Red Bull Studios Cape Town by trade, he spends most of his life enveloped in chords and rhythm. A DJ and producer – he perfectly marries solid production steeped in pure quality and original style, all the while making and playing tracks that rock a crowd to the floor boards. Initially rooted in rock and metal, Audiophile021 quickly began flirting with electronic music, and his love affair with crunchy basslines and body-thumping drums rapidly grew into obsessive passion.

Picture by Adriaan Louw Taken At The Assembly

Audiophile021 has steadily amassed a music catalogue to put most to shame, and is set to take over with his blend of glitchy, bit-driven dub-step, and heavily drum and synth-laden deep techno. His unrivalled natural energy is the life force behind a man who is as prolific as he is talented, injecting his infectious personality into every release and mix.

Audiophile021 – The Frown – Metallic Kiss (Audiophile 021 Remix)

Picture By Adriaan Louw Taken At The Assembly

Audiophile021 – A Taste Of Things To Come MIX

Photos: Adriaan Louw

Source: sShadworksS, SoundCloud, Facebook