With the world glued to the screen for 2014 Soccer World Cup, the timing is spot-on for Qatar to release designs for the second 2022 World Cup Stadium. Called Al Bayt Stadium, the stadium comes after the first proposal by Zaha Hadid Architects for the Al Wakrah Stadium — which quickly earned the title of ‘The Vagina Stadium’. The Al Bayt Stadium is said to reflect Qatar’s proud cultural heritage and is based on the Bayt Al Sha’ar, a black and white tent used traditionally by local nomadic people.

Incredible Stadiums proposed for Qatar’s Second 2022 World Cup Stadium

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Here are some of the comments people left below the video on YouTube. Read on for images of the Second design … Feel free to continue the conversation by leaving a comment below or tweeting us at @onesmallseedSA.


‘This is actually a sea shell not a vagina’

Joe Joel1

‘Sounds and even looks good but it will never happen. We are living in very liquid times. The way we planed for the future has changed even if we have not kept up with the change’

Pierre Louis1

‘The country is too small. When all these fans get in there the temperature will reach 190 degrees. Completely impossible. I wish United Emirates was close to them .That way they both can do it together.’


‘hahahhaa designer out.’

Image unveiling of the Al Bayt Stadium…..

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Images: © Neoscape, Inc.

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