Vyacheslav Mishchenko Captures Larger-Than-Life Snails

Often forgotten due to their size and slimy nature, the dos and don’ts of snail life have now been exposed through Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko‘s macro lens. The beautiful close-ups change our perceptions of the plant-destroying goo-in-a-shell, making their lifestyle look quite idyllic and the creatures quite adorable.

#tbt 2008/2009 | FlashBack to Issue #13 for “Happy Hour”

#tbt- 2008/2009, one small seed magazine, Issue 13. It’s always Happy Hour somewhere!

William Hundley: The Original Prankster

Austin-based artist William Hundley combines all things obscure and rather unrelated into perfect collage-like photographs.              

Picture This Magazine is Back! Incl. a brand new issue #13

‘A picture that nobody sees is a dead picture. Bring life to your favourite moments. Picture This Magazine. Share to be Seen.’

Love is African | Loux The Vintage Guru

His style being reminiscent of the Congolese sapeurs, Loux — a self-proclaimed hipster — aims to put African fashion into the spotlight by collecting and designing retro clothing and documenting it in beautiful photographs on his tumblr.
#tbt 2009 one small seed magazine, Issue 14 | "Withdrawal & Emergence" - The Photography Of Cara Gillougley

#tbt 2009 one small seed magazine, Issue 14 | “Withdrawal & Emergence” – The Photography Of Cara Gillougley

Having attended my fair share of student photography exhibitions, I can note with some degree of certainty that work on the level of technical and thematic maturity evidenced in Cara Gillougley’s Withdrawal & Emergence is rare. This exquisite collection of nudes suspended in paradoxical states of bondage and freedom is playful and somber in equal...

Last 100 featured pictures on one small seed network

With over 61 700 images and 6 300 members (numbers that increase daily!), one small seed network (est 2008) is creativity in momentum. This platform explodes with visual inspiration and is your ultimate source for interaction and networking. Without further ado…. The 100 top images from .NET… enjoy!

#FlashBack | Fostering Positivity | Issue09

Travelling around North America, the Caribbean and Europe, Jamel Shabazz has spent his life documenting special moments in history. His goal: to inspire people to make the necessary changes to develop a positive culture. Nick Hanekom met the man to discuss three decades behind the lens.

Fuel 2015’s AfrikaBurn Excitement with a look back at our 300-page online ’12 Burn memory book!

AfrikaBurn 2015 is on everyone’s minds – well at least on ours! So, we’re re-sharing a something that’ll ignite your pre-Burn excitement and leave you smiling from nostalgia. It’s our stunning online magazine that we created after the 2012 AfrikaBurn… a journal into the Karoo that gives visual and written insight into AfrikaBurn. No picture...

Yes, these paintings actually breathe…

It’s really hard trying to figure out what makes Alexa Meade’s paintings literally alive! There are no telltale signs in the actual paintings, until you see how the artworks are created.

Taylor Swift is “obsessed” with Nashville musicians’ mash-up!

All it takes is a little Taylor Swift magic to make a music video go viral! Nashville-based musicians Louisa Wendorff and Devin Dawson’s music video has so far received 8,874,221 views on Youtube with Taylor’s help by tweeting her 50 million followers. The tweet, saying that she is “obsessed”, was in response to the Nashville...

This video shows why people never leave Cape Town!

Thomas Roos’s video of Cape Town is a tribute to the Rainbow Nation and is only a representation of the country’s true beauty. For years, the intriguing beauty of Southern Africa has fascinated Roos and his twin brother Martijn, who assisted him during the making of the video. When it comes to epic trips and...

one small seed Magazine Issue #28 / DIG 03: “#OP In The Name Of…”

Here’s the lowdown for one small seed magazine Issue 28 / Digital 03 – #OPInTheNameOf – where we have decided to say:‘Step aside, l’art pour l’art’! We pay tribute to the art, artists, initiatives and debates that are actively changing and challenging pre-existing ideologies’, in whatever medium and throughout the globe. In this issue we...