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Theatrical Art: Dramatic Sculptures of Dancing Faeries

The UK-based sculptor Robin Wight — who works mostly with stainless steel wire — has created enchanting and dramatic sculptures of faeries dancing with dandelions. These winged mythical creatures, making wishes with their dandelions, move with and against lyrics of a wind that lives only a magical realm belong to them.

Ever seen a body look like this!?

Body Painting – one of the most original types of art that was used mostly in traditional rituals/ceremonies – is now increasingly being considered and revered as a contemporary art form. Verging on the unbelievable, here are the striking and surreal images from German Body Artist, Gesine Marwedel.

Little Dragon Release New Single ‘Pretty Girls’

The new video to Little Dragon’s single ‘Pretty Girls’ is the fourth off their acclaimed studio album Nabuma Rubberband released earlier this year. It shows a young lady being dragged off a graveyard to a beauty contest scene set in the Brazilian underground. She’s initiated into the world of white-toothed smiles, pink lip stick and...


This is a call-out for all photographers and anyone who loves aesthetically pleasing images! We Love Sexy is a social activation through the power of photography that draws on photographs to capture the raw essence of what it means to be sexy.