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Coarse Presents “A Voyage of No Return”

On July 6 2013 Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk aka COARSE will release their latest creation ‘The Passage’ through, a new and never-before-seen sculpture, which boasts a total length of 16” [40 cm] and height of 11” [27.5 cm]. The characters in this figure group include the catch Ruth, the seducer Void, and an...
Coarse - Friends Grow Apart

Coarse – Friends Grow Apart

Executing another exhibition style piece in vinyl, Coarse brings their latest figure assemblage, “casting shadows” to light. It includes an original sculpt of definitive coarse character, noop, huddled in sorrow, and his new shellbound pet, nism, to illustrate the narrative of this contrasted set. The noop clings to a fabric kite reminiscent of long time...