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Southern Comfort Creative Exchange Winners Revealed

Southern Comfort Creative Exchange Winners Revealed

Coming to a tight finish, the recent Southern Comfort Creative Exchange winners have been chosen. It was touch and go there, but you’re votes have been pulled and they speak volumes. Without further ado onesmallseed presents to you the winners of a most prestigious artistic initiative.
Puma x Shelflife - 08/08/11

Puma x Shelflife – 08/08/11

August 8th 2011 saw the launch of the first ever collaboration between Puma and a local independent retailer, in this case Shelflife. With the ‘Train Runner’ line for men and ‘Laces and Ladies’ line for women, here’s the inside track on the milestone release.    
What's Your Story: Richard Stanley

What’s Your Story: Richard Stanley

Returning to our shores after decades in exile, Richard Stanley has never seemed to fit in. Fighting against everything from Apartheid to Marlon Brando, he spoke with us a bit about his experiences.
The X Fest Cult Film Festival - Chapter 4

The X Fest Cult Film Festival – Chapter 4

It’s what goes bump in the night and crawls steadily up your spine; it’s what challenges your existential views and unravels the fabric of your mind. It’s coming to the Labia this weekend and it will draw you in kicking and screaming.


If you love what you do and you do it well, success will follow. That is the philosophy behind street fashion label Supremebeing. For the next eight weeks one small seed in collaboration with Supremebeing™ will be giving away awesome prizes; alternating between men’s and ladies fashion week-by-week. Simply read on to win…
The Bang Bang Club Review

The Bang Bang Club Review

Highly anticipated for a release on our shores, The Bang Bang Club film was finally close enough to home for me to catch it; turns out that anticipation is as much as the film could build.
Amy - A Losing Game

Amy – A Losing Game

Controversial as she may have been, the world mourns Amy Winehouse who passed away at the ominous age of 27.


BOOM+27 hits episode 8 with impact as we head to the anticipated relaunch of Zula, hangout with a Banksy original at the Underground Exchange, chill with Indidginus before getting crazy with PH FAT and get irie on International Reggae Day. Don’t miss this. Length 08:24
Introducing Radio Soulwax

Introducing Radio Soulwax

Legendary electonica group Soulwax, who need no introduction, have released their very own live internet radio station aptly named Radio Soulwax.
EJ von LYRIK - Worldwide Success

EJ von LYRIK – Worldwide Success

“EJ von LYRIK is at the top five of all time female Emcees ever; she blew my skull off last night with her performance.” Chuck D, Public Enemy. With a recommendation this strong, ignoring this songbird is a mistake.
WUGAZI - Mash-up of Titans

WUGAZI – Mash-up of Titans

Producers Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy have harnessed the powers of two juggernauts of sound, Fugazi and The Wu Tang Clan. They bring you Wugazi, a free full length album containing the restless energy of punk and the raw power of rap.
WU LYF Review

WU LYF Review

Obscure to a point of not existing, WU LYF appear only through rumors and whispers. Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, their debut album, is the only concrete evidence they exist. We got hold of it and decided to see what all the fuss was about.
On The Boil at the Fugard Theatre

On The Boil at the Fugard Theatre

It’s one thing to see one potentially good film in an evening out, but what about seeing six. It’s time to introduce you to On The Boil, the short film festival exposing the latest rumblings from our very own talented filmmakers.