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Taking place from the 11th October – 14th November 2013 at London’s Lazarides Gallery is a two-part exhibition by French artist JR, entitled ACTIONS. JR will partner with Lazarides for a large-scale exhibition filling two floors of their flagship gallery as well as an outdoor public installation on multiple sites across the nation’s capital.

Kin: A solo exhibition by Pieter Hugo

STEVENSON is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Pieter Hugo, titled Kin. Kin is a bittersweet perspective on Hugo’s homeland of South Africa. It is a meditation on the ideals of home, both familial and humanistic. It explores the tenuous ties that both bind us to and repel us from others. This new photographic...

CORE: At The Heart of Street Art

CORE is a mixed-media, contemporary art exhibition featuring the imaginative works of Cape Town artists, Linsey Levendall, Anwar Davids, Leigh Cupido, Nardstar* and Rayaan Cassiem. Incredibly down-to-earth people, 4/5ths of the CORE family sit, waiting for their launch to begin. The calm before the storm is an understatement here, as, in just a few hours,...

David Lurie | Encounters at the Edge

Cape Town photographer David Lurie’s current exhibition – Encounters at the Edge – has a strong focus on the social aspects of urban architecture, exploring the living conditions for those living on the edge as well as the marginalised living in the centre of our society. Curated by Heidi Erdman and held at the Erdmann...
"Police Work": An evocative photographic exhibition

“Police Work”: An evocative photographic exhibition

Currently exhibited at the Museum of the City, New York is a haunting photographic collection from Magnum photographer Leonard Freed, which documents the ‘sometimes boring, sometimes corrupting, and sometimes dangerous lives’ of ’70s NY police officers.’          
Control over Nature: Amon Tobin & Tessa Farmer

Control over Nature: Amon Tobin & Tessa Farmer

Put the work of a Brazilian electronic music pioneer and a London-based sculptor in one room and you will get a sensational exhibition… A supernova of the senses.
Salon 91 - The October Show

Salon 91 – The October Show

This group exhibition by an all male-cast of Cape Town-based artists, showcasing a strong urban feel, transgressing the lines between fine art, street art and design. Showcasing at The October show at Salon 91, Kloofstreet, are the likes of Andrew Sutherland, Paul Senyol, Daniel Ting Chong and Jordan Metcalf. Lynn Vullings and Saskia van Diermen visited...
Exclusive Interview with The Prodigy's Maxim

Exclusive Interview with The Prodigy’s Maxim

The oldest member of The Prodigy, Maxim under the alias MM, recently launched his first art exhibition titled LepidopTerror. Immersing viewers in a sensory experience of sight, sound and scent at the INC Space, London, the show incorporated between 12 and 15 large-scale paintings, including many from his butterfly series. With the exhibition now closed, we caught...


When allowing everything in the free world to be photographed at random you are bound to come across some creepy, compromising snaps highlighting human imperfection… although I’m sure Google Street View’s primary mandate didn’t exactly intend to create a montage of prostitutes that would able you to compare the attire, modes of seduction and preferred client of...


Belgium street artist Roa has taken over London’s East End with his massive black-and-white murals of animals, hand-painted on walls of derelict buildings. Starting his work in the quaint cobbled streets of his hometown of Ghent in Belgium, his work now decorates buildings all over Europe and in New York. This year he held his...