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Ian MacKaye: The Political is Personal

In Issue 25 of one small seed magazine – “The Bigger Picture” Issue – we featured an interview with punk rock legend Ian MacKaye. To follow is the full interview – the result of a highly candid two-hour long conversation with MacKaye.
WATCH: one small seed magazine's issue 25 preview

WATCH: one small seed magazine’s issue 25 preview

one small seed magazine issue 25 – “The Bigger Picture” – out now! Check out our content preview and keep posted to for full interviews, videos and much more coming this week… Length 02:18 one small seed’s 25th issue Content Preview from one small seed on Vimeo.
WUGAZI - Mash-up of Titans

WUGAZI – Mash-up of Titans

Producers Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy have harnessed the powers of two juggernauts of sound, Fugazi and The Wu Tang Clan. They bring you Wugazi, a free full length album containing the restless energy of punk and the raw power of rap.