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| Interview | TOKiMONSTA: Telling Stories

In a music industry dominated by men, TOKiMONSTA (born Jennifer Lee) is a unique figure even amongst her female counterparts. Bridging the gap between electronic music and hip hop, her unique style includes elements of dance music while incorporating the ethereal mood of head-nodding beats. Preferring to just be herself, while not exploiting her looks...

The Virtuosity of 140 bpm – an interview with 12th Planet

Dubstep has reached its pinnacle globally, and has now progressed beyond just a brand into various forms of electronic music. At the 2013 Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival in Detroit – which featured artists from indie rock, punk, metal, and dubstep – one small seed contributor Kelly Frazier was able to follow up with...

#bottomrightcorner: The Contributor Edition

Every week we compile a selection of music to sing you into the weekend and list them in a post called #bottomrightcorner. Sometimes new tunes, sometimes themed tunes and sometimes we ask a music aficionado to choose the tunes for us. This week, we hand over the selection process to our unofficial Detroit contributor, Mr...
Interview with dubstep artist, 12th Planet

Interview with dubstep artist, 12th Planet

Our Detroit contributor, Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier, who recently interviewed electronic artist Matthew Dear had a chat with dubstep artist, 12th Planet. Born as John Dadzie and rooted in hip-hop and drum-n-bass, 12th Planet has now become one of the true ambassadors of the explosive dubstep genre in the United States.