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one small seed #30: Italian Artist Walking Through Walls

Matteo Pugliese had the art of sculpture down way before he pursued any formal education. Now, his sculptures literally walk through walls. Can’t believe it? See for yourself:

Vivienne Westwood: Modelling Domestic Violence

Violence against women has been one of the resounding themes of 2013’s storybook with riots breaking out in India and South African communities taking to the streets in protest against gender-based atrocities. British fashion designer extraordinaire Vivienne Westwood has tailored the fashion industry with her daring designs and fearless opinions. While advertising in fashion has...

FlashBack | Miss Van la Révolution feminine | issue8

Miss Van has become one of the most iconic artists of our generation. Beyond making a name for herself in the otherwise male-dominated culture of graffiti, her work has made a transcendental shift from gritty streets to pristine gallery walls. Bijou de Beau crosses the street to visit the gallery and find out more. Beholders...