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Lady Gaga is as amazing on stage as she is off. Find out why. #Oscars2015

A performance that took many by surprise at the 2015 Oscar’s was Lady Gaga’s ‘Sound of Music’ tribute, and this isn’t her only hidden (for some of us, at least!) talent. Check out this amazing collab. with artist Jeff Koons for her album ARTPOP – as well as the meaning behind it – in one...

Matthew McConaughey | Dance Remix Adds To Oscar Triumph

Matthew McConaughey‘s chest thump in The Wolf of Wall Street might not have earned him an Oscar for this film, but the internet sure as heck rolled out its red carpet — in the form of virality. And now, thanks to Jonny Wilson a.k.a. Eclectic Method, the thump was turned into a dance remix —...

From Somalia to the Red Carpet: Interview with “ASAD” director Bryan Buckley

There are over 2.3 million Somali refugees displaced internally and abroad. In the recently Oscar-nominated short film ASAD, director Bryan Buckley tells the story of those currently living in the war-torn country through the eyes of a young boy deciding a destiny between piracy and the life of an honest fisherman.