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Can you believe this? Just flipping awesome.

The Peacock Spider’s performance is something else man.

Vagina Egg Paintings – ‘PlopEgg’ by Mile Moire’s (Yes, Another Vagina Art Performance)

The latest project coming from performance artist Mile Moire her PlopEgg Painting Performance – a Birth of a Picture. Leaving niceties aside, let’s just say it how it is: she squeezed paint-filled eggs out of her vagina, allowing them to burst colorfully onto blank canvases. Moire’s stage for her performance art was outside of Art...

After His Videos Went Viral, We Had To Find Out Who This Guy Was!

Matthew Silver‘s videos have become an internet sensation – ‘The Power of Now’ got over 10 000 shares on Facebook! But what’s more, he’s inspired many people with his unique brand of performance on the streets of New York City. He talks about the importance of living in the moment and doing what you love....