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Truly uplifting ad! #HearingHands

‘Because a world without barriers is our dream as well.’ Watch this authentic, humble and thought-provoking ad by Samsung

Apple has become the laughing stock of the techno class. CHECK it out now!

Earlier this week we have posted Apple’s short film Perspective. An amazingly well designed and visualized story that consists of all the incredible Apple tricks. But does the public still believe in Saint Jobs? Below some reactions on the beautifully created world, called “Apple“. 9GAG introduced Apple’s new iLine. They have used the very thing...

Interview | Justin Bolognino: The ‘Synchronicity Architect’

Justin Bolognino is a jack-of-all-trades. The visionary entrepreneur has led marketing campaigns, produced documentary films, designed an environment for creative artists, and crafted inventive art pieces from some of the most unlikely, unreal materials. He does it all through the evolutionary gizmos of social media. The ‘Synchronicity Architect’ sketches his blueprint around making the hidden...