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The Sound of Nature: A Vinyl Made of Wood

Life is made up of a series of ones and zeros – these sets of data are fundamentally what connects us. Especially when they form a symphony and tell a story like no other. Bartholomäus Traubeck makes a record player that can interpret the data in tree wood into music! Human beings have communicated and...
Exclusive Stream of The Gossip's new Album -A Joyful Noise-

Exclusive Stream of The Gossip’s new Album -A Joyful Noise-

one small seed was chosen as the official partner of Columbia Records and Sony Music ZA to stream Gossip’s latest album A Joyful Noise before its release date on May 22nd. Be one of the first to hear it here on A Joyful Noise by Gossip Music   Ever-evolving and perpetually defying convention, Gossip...