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Interview | Justin Bolognino: The ‘Synchronicity Architect’

Justin Bolognino is a jack-of-all-trades. The visionary entrepreneur has led marketing campaigns, produced documentary films, designed an environment for creative artists, and crafted inventive art pieces from some of the most unlikely, unreal materials. He does it all through the evolutionary gizmos of social media. The ‘Synchronicity Architect’ sketches his blueprint around making the hidden...
Kirsty Mitchell's "Wonderland"

Kirsty Mitchell’s “Wonderland”

In 2009 photographer Kirsty Mitchell created her Wonderland series in memory of her mother, who had passed away from a brain tumour the year before. The three-year-long series became a way for Mitchell to heal from her loss; she combined her own work with the memories of fairytales that her English-teacher mother read to her...