An interview conducted a while back. Enjoy…


Sarah Claire: So Spoek, tell me a bit about yourself.

Spoek Mathambo: I’m an Ndebele prince, rapper, dancer, DJ, dreamer, illustrator and graphic artist. I live between Johannesburg and Malmö Sweden. I work as various art/music collectives… Namely: MSHINI WAM, SWEAT X, PLAYDOE and DJ as HIVIV. You can get my township-tech sothocore world bass mixes on the net. My favourite one is called ‘Devil House Mafias 2.’


What are you all about?

I am about absolutely nothing specific. More than being an identity based on content, I am interested in the world.


What inspires you?

Everything. The latest thing that has inspired me is Red, the homeless G-funk beat box and Gou Miyagi the Japanese skateboarder. I usually document everything that inspires me on my blog ZOMBO ( For a long time I made a specific point of making Africa my central inspiration…but I think I am trying to transcend petty nationalism and ‘isms.’


What’s the first album you ever bought?

The ‘Above The Rim’ original soundtrack featuring H-Town, Lady of Rage and Tupac.


Do you even bother buying albums?

Yes… It’s f%*king important to my life! I spent my entire teenage period developing my concept of ownership based on my records and CDs.


What’s your all-time favourite track?

Tough to say… changes ever day…today it’s Doneao – Be Mine.


Describe Sweat X in a sentence.

Markus and Spoek having fun.


What’s next… ?

More world tours, more boobs…onward and up.


Your partner-in-beats, Markus – what three things come to mind?

Literary genius, Musical genius, lying son of a bitch!


Favourite festival?

Valtifest in Amsterdam…Oslo live in Norway. Sibot and I played a great festival in Metz in France. Le Printemps de Bourges in France was great… It was amazing to watch The Brian Jonestown Massacre. They also had a huge SA contingent with BLK JKS, Gazelle, 340ml, Die Antwoord and PLAYDOE.


Is improvisation important to you?

A show with no improvisation is a schitt show for us. Routine is schitt.


Why do you dress so funny?

Your mother dresses funny.


What about bringing out a clothing label? What would you call it?

I am currently doing some collaboration designs with label called Doe out of Cape Town. I work on prints under the name Zombo and am working on some knitwear pieces at present.


If you could MC alongside someone – anyone – who would it be?

Iggy Pop, Sun Ra, Prince, Fela Kuti.


What’s the most insane thing you’ve ever done?

Eaten a box of cigarettes.


What’s next for Spoek?

“%^&%@$”And I will be breeding…little Spoeks.


So from myself and Spoek, “don’t be a f#*king dinosaur…use the Internet and talk to your counterparts all over the world.”

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