A short experimental film on South African filmmaker, novelist, poet and fine artist Aryan Kaganof. Strictly rated PG-18 and not suitable for sensitive viewers. Length 03:55 (20 April 2011)

What’s Your Story? – Aryan Kaganof from one small seed on Vimeo.

An explorer of all things creative, Aryan Kaganof (Born Ian Kerkhof) possesses a rare tenacity for raw experimentation. Working in a highly varied range of media (text, fine art, music and film), Aryan is a visual being with a macabre insight into the human psyche. A definitive leader in the digital revolution in cinema, he was the first filmmaker across the globe to produce a digital feature film on video up to 35 mm with his release of naar de klote / wasted in 1996. Three years later, he took this process to Japan to produce the first-ever Japanese digital feature, entitled Shabondama Elegy aka Tokyo Elegy. Aryan is also famed for making the world’s first mobile feature film sms sugar man in 2007.


Recently he has produced the highly controversial The Uprising in Hangberg; a documentary that presents substantial evidence that metro police used unprovoked force when arriving in Hangberg on 21 September 2010 to tear down informal houses built on a fire break. At times suspended naked, blood smeared and silhouetted by hostile global images, Aryan Kaganof’s work reminds us of the fragility of humankind. A subjective voyeur, he’s prolific. And he’s watching YOU.


Footage courtesy: ‘THE DEAD MAN2: return of the deadman’ distributed by CJC
SMS Sugarman

Distributed by SMS music

Footage courtesy:‘Tokyo Elegy’ distributed by uplink
uprising of hangberg

Music: ‘delirium cordia’- fantomas
sick zip everywhere’- melt banana