From a tastefully subdued Cape Town Fashion Show at the CTICC to the ridiculously hyped two-finger waving Dr Robert Rey at Queen Victoria Street’s Old Land Bank, this collection saw the unveiling of LingeRey. Dr 90210 on E! came  dressed in his self-labelled “Pimp Chic” topped with Hollywood’s clichéd signature piece – a pair of shades. The Doctor headed the night with a mixture of info-commercial presence and with a somewhat skewed motivational speech. We caught up with him at the show, check out the video below.






The African Fashion International builds momentum as Dr Rey bobs his head to the music on the balcony while buddying up to the Australian lingerie designer, Bruno Schiavi behind the label, LingeRey. A-listers, not to mention rugby players have their champagne glasses topped and ready for the unveiling of the LingeRey Shapewear line.

Dr Rey the King of PR starts the night on a heavy note driving the point accross that he will bring “sexy back” to South Africa. The fashion show sees smoking hot women clad only in his Shapewear garments and strutting in “ladies of the night” boots. His wife and co-collaborator, French-Canadian born Hayley models the Spandex jeans in brassiere and heels, accompanied disconcertly by their daughter on the catwalk. Goody bags contain Dr Rey’s cosmetic line Sensual Solutions and he capitalises on every moment to promote his book, Body by Rey along with the diet.

Hayley shares with one small seed that not only is she happily married to the Doctor, but also that a jewellery collection is on the horizon. Both Bruno and the Dr disclose that they’ll be extending their fashion line to men. This Doctor never seems to leave room for a dull moment.

Friday’s line-up started with Lisp. The collection continues to make jumpsuits a trend with a dash of rock and roll. LISP’s well-put together range seems like one block continuously reworked to give a simple romantic feel with subtle spurts of edginess.

The Nucleus compilation saw more of a muted colour palette. Playsuits were playfully sexy finished off with spaghetti straps in complementary fabric choices.

Lalesso driven by prints inspired by the digital era that the African continent is entering into. The clothing comprised of clean silhouettes that were stylishly simple.

Undacova men’s underwear line remains loyal to its inspiration of the 70’s beach holidays and nautical lines, colours, prints and silhouettes. The women’s wear line is retro and “girlie” – knickers, risers and boyfriend printed tees.

Da Martixn drew his inspiration from the recent volcanic eruptions. The range captures the red baking hot lava oozing into the cool ocean water. Gayle Johnston, the designer of the flowing outerwear, adds contrast beautifully to the swimwear range.

The Carducci Men’s wear Resort range sees floral this time round confined to trims in collars and cuffs making it slightly dressed down, but still tailored.

Friday night’s glitz and glam is captured on video with the likes of Dax Martin, the designer for the Carducci Menswear -House of Monatic and Dr Rey give us insight into their 2010/2011 collections.