Legendary electonica group Soulwax, who need no introduction, have released their very own live internet radio station aptly named Radio Soulwax.

Having your tracks remixed by Soulwax has become a gesture comparable to a blessing from the Pope among musicians worldwide. Going beyond simply releasing brilliant studio albums, Soulwax have made mixes for heavy hitters Justice, Klaxons, GorillaZ and Daft Punk among many more. Now with a career as exceptional as theirs, what was to come next for Soulwax had to be huge to top what has come before.

Introducing Radio Soulwax, released as an app for the iPhone and Android, it is a live online radio station with hour length sets based around a certain theme. You can also listen and view the seamless audio and visual mixes online at the official website. The band will periodically update and release new sets, each with a unique theme. In this way you’re privileged to hear ongoing new remixes from Soulwax, which is a privilege that cannot be overstated.

The story of Radio Soulwax is two years in the making, with the group stating their disgust of the obnoxiously loud music scene that is Ibiza; blaring from every club, bar and studio. “So we decided to make our own soundtrack to the white island,” explained the group. It wasn’t enough to simply hear the music though, Soulwax wanted to make it a full on experience. Using the Fairlight CVI, they were able to take retro vinyl sleeves and meticulously remix the images into the music like something out of an 80s video. It was out of this that Soulwax was born and is now available for us to enjoy.

Head over to Radio Soulwax and download the application for your iPhone or your Android platforms.

Source: Q Music Magazine