Sir Paul McCartney has created the ultimate tribute to his late wife Linda, a book titledLinda McCartney: Life in Photographs.Read on to find out more and see footage of the London exhibition and hear what the McCartney family had to say.



Sir Paul McCartney has created the ultimate tribute to his late wife Linda, with a book to celebrate her talent. The 26 images have been selected from an archive of more than 200,000 for the book which is described as a ‘lasting testament’ to Linda. The book, called Linda McCartney: Life In Photographs, is run alongside an exhibition held in London and one currently running still in New York.

The late Linda McCartney’s life as a photographer started in 1996 where she boarded a yacht upon which the Rolling Stones were playing. Her fresh, candid perspective was a stark contrast to the formal photographs taken by their official photographer and so sparked her existence as one of the world’s top rock ‘n roll photographers.

During her occupancy as leading photographer of the late 1960’s music scene, she chronicled the music revolution of the decade and became the very first female photographer to have her work featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Linda was introduced to Paul McCartney when she was shooting a launch event for the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album.  The rest is history, they had a long and beautiful marriage which was defined by their mutual love for music, photography, vegetarianism and their family. Linda spent the last three decades of her devastatingly short life devoting herself to the photographic capturing of her personal life and family.

A newly released book entitled Linda McCartney – Life in Photographs has been produced alongside a formal exhibition to honour Linda McCartney and her photographic voyage. The exhibition has been carefully curated by Paul and the rest of the McCartney family so as to expose her sumptuous talent which remains so widely admired by any amateur or professional photographer.

The exhibition is held at the Phillips de Pury Gallery in London and is comprised of 26 photographs which have been drastically cut down from her personal archive of over 200 000. Her images have been specifically chosen to enhance her aptitude as a spontaneous and emotionally charged photographer. She is exceptionally talented, showing great subtlety and versatility and has a photographic eye that invites envy the world over.

Her prints are displayed in the gallery in an exceptionally large format, which “only enhances it’s intimacy and power” says Simon de Pury, chairman of Phillips de Pury & Company. Each photograph seems to capture more than just a moment of passing time, but rather exposes the emotions embedded within each unique instant.  Her work is unassuming and candid, giving way to her refreshing perspective on each moment which allows her to capture the essence of her subjects without pretension or artifice.

In an interview with Paul McCartney the question was posed surrounding how he felt looking at these past personal and private moments , in which he responded: “It’s funny. I think when you have a bit of distance from someone you have lost, you can just look at it with pleasure. Because they were great times. It is tinged with sadness because you lost that person, but the main feeling for me looking at these is joy. Mostly, these pictures are uplifting.” Despite her world renowned success as a leading photographer, Linda said that her greatest achievement in life was her and Pauls four children, Heather, Mary, Stella and James.


Below is a short video showing footage of the London exhibition for Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs and what the McCartney family has to say about Linda and her passion for photography. Length: 02:26