Sometimes finding a diamond in the rough is as simple as blowing up the rock. That’s the idea behind Bleep’s Filtered competition in that they are welcoming any and all independent electronica musicians to submit their tracks.









Bleep partnering with Warp Records are giving young (and old) indie producers a chance to have their track A&Red, mastered, released, promoted, marketed and sold to the public. Along with Soundcloud and Transition studios the spotlight is going out so step up and take center stage. The tracks that are submitted will go through Warp’s A&R team who will ‘filter’ the tracks while Bleep continues to update everyone via Facebook.

The competition is currently ongoing still in it’s first stage, submission. Send in your tracks by following a few easy steps listed at this link, you have until September 9th 2011. Stage two will be the judging stages which will last until the 30th of September. In early October the tracks will go into mastering and a final compilation decided by the end of October. So you can see this is happening…fast. Don’t miss out, this could be your big break.