Jumping Back Slash has just launched his new album titled Nectah 003. We caught up with the face behind the Techouwaito beats for an interview; here’s what JBS had to say…










There is a lot of hype around you and the fact that you just ‘came out of nowhere’. So, where have you been all this time?

I’ve been about, hiding in the shadows. Soos ‘n kabouter in jou gedagtes.



NECTAH 3 – Out 17th October by Jumping Back Slash


Terms like ‘highly-anticipated’ make everyone cringe. What exactly are your thoughts on ‘hype’? Is it all just media bullshit? Tell us something off-the-record and sincere please.

Hype is very important. You need constant impetus and heavy exposure particularly with the way the internet has dramatically increased the volume of music people can find out about. You need as many people as possible to shout from your corner. I, for one, am very grateful for any attention I may receive.


Who/What makes you laugh?

People falling over, Les Dawson (google him). The word ‘balls’.


Who/What pisses you off?

Metrorail. Their well of stupidity would appear to be bottomless. People who consume items prior to paying for them in supermarket queues and then hand the cashier the wrapper/bottle/container for them to throw in the bin. This happens in Woolworths A LOT. Also, people who stand in supermarket queues and push their baskets along the floor with their feet. I have seen some people do both of the above things simultaneously. Apoplectic mate!

Croc shoes. Geezers in them tight knee length shorts and boat shoes, dressed like fucking Paul Weller when he was in The Style Council.

Modern plastic packaging annoys me beyond belief. I often end up stabbing them with kitchen knives. Apparently ‘Packaging Rage’ is a real condition. I have self-diagnosed myself as a chronic sufferer.

I feel sorry for my missus, she puts up with a lot of my impotent rage against society in general.

Dru Hill – In My Bed (JBS Simba Zombo Relick) by Jumping Back Slash


Did you own a beatbox?

I did. It was a Sanyo. It was crap.


First album ever bought?

Graceland by Paul Simon, he was the ultimate badman. I was 10 at the time it came out. What did I know? That said, it still is a phenomenal LP.


Do you still buy albums?

I do. I still believe in the power of the album, the journey you take over the course of it. Frankly I think most modern albums are too long and worst of all arbitrarily sequenced. I miss the idea of Side A and Side B most of all, of how the first songs on each side were strong openers but Side B’s first tune had a different vibe to Side A’s.

Also, the concept of buying single tracks as opposed to the whole LP really puts a dent in your sales. Cheers iTunes. Knobends.

Mac or PC?

PC. It’s the grown-up computer to buy.

Finish these sentences:

#1 ‘Things have got to…’

Things have got to change with annoying plastic packaging.


#2 ‘Jumping Back Slash is all about the…’

Jumping Back Slash is all about the Techouwaito (see below).


#3 ‘Shit,…’

Shit, I’ve left my phone at home. Again.


#4 ‘…today’

I won’t leave my phone at home today.


You have some interesting song names like ‘Pap en Jam’ and ‘Shosholozaaaaa,’ names that only South Africans will truly appreciate, do you consider yourself a good ambassador for South Africa?

That has frankly never occurred to me until now. I hope I am. I love this country.


Where and when and in what state are you most creative/productive?

As early as possible in the morning with coffee and a spliff.



Wikipedia, surfing endlessly. Listening to audio commentaries on DVDs. Are they hobbies?

Something you’re working on changing at the moment?

I want to stop leaving my socks all over the house. It’s easier said than done.

Do you vote?

I do. But in the UK not South Africa. I vote Labour in the UK and if I voted over here I would probably vote PAC. I should have permanent residency next year. Mzansi fo sho.
Anything to say about the recent London Riots?

It was a long time coming. I lived in Peckham for many years and although it was a bit sad to see it burn, it’s no surprise. Successive governments both right and left have marginalized the nation’s youth particularly in inner-city areas. Unsurprisingly the majority of the British public is blind to that fact. It would appear that most Londoners want youths to sell them weed and coke as opposed to them rioting and looting stuff. Very sad all in all, I was surprised by a lot of my friends back home and their utter intolerance and contempt for what was happening without any attempt for understanding why it was happening. I’m sure they still don’t have any understanding.

Brownstone – If You Love Me (JBS Simba Zombo Relick) by Jumping Back Slash

Three books that changed your life.

  1. Zen and the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig
  2. Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut
  3. The Ableton Live Operation Manual by Someone at Ableton

Tell us something important that we haven’t asked.

Since living in South Africa I have become less punctual.

Describe your sound please?

Classic House and Techno mixed with SA House and Kwaito. Or Techouwaito for you bloggers out there.

Spoek Mathambo – five words on working with him

We have only just begun.

Last track you listened to?

‘Brighter Days’ by Cajmere. One word, TUNE.

Cajmere – Brighter Days (Frankie Grimes Edit) by frankiegrimes


Any pre-gig rituals?

Turning up on time.

Other collaborations on the side?

I have a tune on the go with Hanuman from Steakhouse Records in the UK. Other bits and bobs with some vocalists.

Your record label Pollinate Records are based in London, how did that partnership come about?

They found me and my music on Soundcloud. They promised me riches so I said ‘YES!’ Since then it has been a glorious ride. Whilst I have the opportunity I want to say big up Rob Pollinate, you’re a legend.

2011 – How’s it been so far? Ready for the end of the world?

It’s been mad. I became a father. To twins nog al. I hope the world doesn’t end next year. I want to do another album and maybe have more kids as they could come in handy in the studio.

Don’t Leave – (JBS Simba Zombo Relick) by Jumping Back Slash

Instruments used in your music?

Lots of synths. Is my brain an instrument?

Where you off to now?

Probably to bed. Sleep can never be overrated.

Will we be hooking up for a beer when you’re in Cape Town?

I am always in Cape Town. So yes I suppose.



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