If you love what you do and you do it well, success will follow. That is the philosophy behind street fashion label Supremebeing. For the next eight weeks one small seed in collaboration with Supremebeing™ will be giving away awesome prizes; alternating between men’s and ladies fashion week-by-week. Simply read on to win…

Birthed from a love of art, design and street fashion, Supremebeing was founded by a tight group of friends who believed in the authenticity of hand crafting original garments. The hand-made ethic continued year by year as the amount of fans and demand increased steadily. As an important aspect of what we are in society and culture, what you wear is essentially who you are. With that in mind Supremebeing prides itself on the diversity it strives to provide in order to bring identity to all who would possess it. Not being one to force style on their customers, Supremebeing encourages defining yourself through their finest quality garments and making up your own mind about who you are.

With the Spring/Summer collection landing just around the corner, Supremebeing’s goal has been to provide you with something functional, unique, but ultimately stylish. With custom designed fabrics, special attention has been paid to the overall look of the range with strong emphasis on colour palettes, theme and symmetry. With the ironic direction of ‘Retro Nerd’ the sports range now offers fold-away jackets with multi-colour zips. The ‘imponderable’ is a unique theme they’ve voyaged into with their graphic prints and panelling. The classics have been refined whilst the inspired new additions focus on function, fit & construction combined with a worrying addiction to detail.

As for being supreme, the philosophy is not one of arrogance, but of the supreme nature of being, existing, making unique choices and living your life. The value of every single human being, each distinct, all born to this world in the same way – equal; SurpremeBeing just happened to be created first of equals.


Supremebeing in collaboration with one small seed is giving away a selection of their latest range for one small seed readers. Spread out over eight weeks and alternating between men and ladies fashion, now is your chance to get hold of these unique threads.

To win, simply follow these three steps:

- Join the Supremebeing South Africa group and Like one small seed on Facebook

- Tag BOTH @Supremebeing South Africa and @one small seed Magazine TV in your Facebook status and link to this post

- Tweet @Supremebeing_SA and @onesmallseedSA with a mention of #onesmallseed and #supremebeing as well as a link back to the competition.

The first winner will be announced on September 8th, with the following winners being announced weekly at midday. Hit the streets, give us a tweet and find yourself wearing Supremebeing.