It’s that time again, the month of Movember, when facial hair has free reign. Whether you’re sporting a mini tash or a monster tash, why not get down to any of the participating venues for a chance to win various prizes with El Jimador Tequila and have a Fan – Tash- Tic night in the process.









The humble month of Movember hails from none other than Melbourne, Australia. Since Australia it has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with over 1.1 million men participating in order to raise both funds and awareness for prostrate and testicular cancer initiatives.

El Jimador Tequila, a tequila made from 100% premium Agave and with the story of its creation roughly translated into – a true love story, is hosting the Flash Your Tash competition.

The first 30 people through the door get a shot of El Jimador 100% Agave Premium Tequila and all you have to do is flash you tash at the photo wall to stand a chance to win various prizes. So if you want to stand a chance of winning these amazing prizes head over to any of the below venues and bring your tash with you.


  • Banana Jam                                                       25-Nov 17:00-19:00
  • Neighbourhood                                                18-Nov 22:00-12:00
  • Zapata                                                                  26-Nov 18:00-20:00
  • Tjing Tjing                                                           18-Nov 17:00-19:00
  • Daddy Cool’s                                                       18-Nov 18:00-21:00
  • The Reserve                                                        26-Nov 10:00-01:00
  • Trinity                                                                   24-Nov 19:30-23:30


  • Cafe Mexicho                                                          25-Nov 20:00-23:00
  • Flair                                                                            24-Nov 21:00-24:00
  • Tanz Cafe                                                                  03-Dec 21:00-24:00
  • Pangea Cocktail Bar                                             25-Nov 21:00-24:00
  • Kitcheners                                                               25-Nov 22:00-01:00
  • Bar Bob Rocks                                                        26-Nov 21:00-24;00
  • Wolves                                                                      01-Dec 20:00-23:00