In a world where it often depends on how many footprints you leave on the digital web to become a ‘somebody,’ how can you prevent becoming a ‘nobody’? It’s simple: start a blog! We catch up with Mali, founder of the successful South African blog ‘skattiewhatareyouwearing’ on how to distinguish yourself from others and what successful blogging really is all about.

Tell us, who is Mali?

I struggle to identify or describe myself simply, probably because I’m still getting to know myself. I don’t like things that are cast in stone; there aren’t many definite truths, even the ones we believe about ourselves. I see so many changes in myself as I grow, and I’m always surprised by how much I change and how drastically my views change from one phase of life to another.

This answer probably sounds like some seriously self-indulgent hogwash, but it’s true. On a day to day level, I’m a 33-year old guy who lives in Sea Point, studied fashion and now works as a fashion buyer. I have a loving partner and two cats.

You describe yourself as a ‘postponed revolution’, what does that mean to you?

It’s a slightly pretentious way of saying ‘delayed change’. I’m a horrible procrastinator and my follow through is a bit dodgy.  I’ve had a few ideas before, that never quite saw the light of day due to that bad combination. So the blog represented a change for me, an opportunity to actually start something. It was  a bit delayed but it was a change, a revolution postponed.

How did you come up what the name, Skattiewhatareyouwearing?

A friend and I were a bit drunk and we were chatting about doing a You Tube show where we would pounce on funny people on the street screaming ‘Skattie! What are you wearing?’ We never followed through but years later when I decided to start the blog I remembered that conversation. Obviously I am not seeking for badly dressed people anymore; I rather prefer to use the blog to celebrate the style that I like.

Tell us something nobody knows of you….

I weigh a 100 Kilograms.

Do you see the blog as a part of your identity?

In a way maybe I do. The pics I post represent fashion that catches my eye and I keep the writing honest and true to my current world view. So I guess I am sharing a part of my identity.

How do you choose the subjects you write about?

I normally sit in front of my computer after posting pics and I try to think of something that I might want to express. I try not to be too serious, I really don’t like reading blogs, I have a short attention span and I get bored easily, I like pictures and short paragraphs, I try to keep it short and light.  I imagine that the person who chooses to read my blog is a bit like me, they’re looking for a little escapism.

What are you’re favorite blogs?

Jak & JilUrban Mosadi, The Frock Report and Incorrigible Corigall

What inspired you to let the world know who Mali is, start the blog?

I started the blog because I am always inspired by my friends’ love for style. They really are into their style and I wanted to share that. A lot of them are a part of the art scene, so when we went to check out exhibitions openings I found even more inspiring styles that I wanted share. Yes, I would say that was my main inspiration, and of course low self-esteem combined with a burning desire for validation.

What’s the best part on working on your blog?

Taking the pictures, I love taking pictures. I really wan’t to make time to go on a photography course so I can take better pictures.

Is blogging a hobby, a passion or a job for you?

A hobby I am truly passionate about. I can’t call it a job yet because I make exactly zero cents out of it.

Do you think blogging has the future?

Yes, but I am also aware that it is borne out of technological advances, but they only have a future if the blogs make sure that it keeps up with new technology. Technology has changed so much in the last ten years, I cannot even begin to imagine how it is going to evolve ten years from now.

There are so many blogs, how do you distinguish yourself from others?

I view a lot of blogs, especially fashion blogs and I try to engage with that what excites me about some blogs and what bores me about others. I try to keep the elements that bore or irritate me out of the blog. I guess I kind of see myself as the reader and I hate being taken for a ride, so I try not to do the same to others.

Do you have any tips for starting bloggers?

Cheesy, I know…But I would say; be true to yourself and your unique world view. Spell-check, try to improve your craft a little every day. If you should walk into an internet cafe and find that someone left their facebook profile logged on, be kind and use the opportunity to let all their friends know about your blog.

When did you realize you’re running a successful blog?

Tricky question that one, I am still trying to understand what makes me a successful blogger. Is it traffic? Is it the ability to make a living out of your blog? Is it publicity? I don’t make a living out of blogging. So whilst I do acknowledge that my blog has attained a certain measure of success, I think it is important to keep things in perspective. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there will come a day when I will be able to honestly say that my blog is successful, but for now I think of it as popular. I started realizing its popularity when I started getting feedback from people I met at social gatherings.


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