Do you remember a time when you could entertain yourself with some paper, glue and scissors? I’m sure everyone has created a masterpiece or two in their younger days, but it will surely fail in comparison to the queen of craft, Lola Dupré’s work.






Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator currently working in Glasgow, Scotland. Lola creates a new view on existing and iconic photos or paintings, by using her hands and years of experience in the cutting and pasting department. Her technique is to use thousands of copies and cut outs of an original photo and manipulate the tiny shards of paper into a strange but interesting new vision of the original version.

Dupré collaborates with several photographers to produce her works of art, but she also does commissioned personalized versions for private clients. Imagine how cool a custom made artwork by Lola would look on your living room wall.

Lola Dupré proves you can be a successful artist without the use of expensive materials or a specific talent like painting or designing. Creative thinking, your own vision, a copy machine, scissors, and some glue will do the job.

Lola Dupré:

I think as an artist all you can do is start a dialogue amongst your viewers, for example, I am just about to start a portrait of Julian Assange, in my work I don’t intend to say something is good or bad, just to raise a discussion about something I think should be discussed. This is why I often work with contemporary political images. But indeed with a lot of my work, I find humour and horror to be the most attractive things to people. A new viewpoint of an established norm is my motivation.


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Source: Lola Dupré