Inspired by low resolution pixels, the experimental Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga created his fall/winter 2011/2012 collection Low Resolution, under his brand ANREALAGE. Look out for an exclusive interview with the designer in Issue 24 – “Listen to my Colour & Look at my Sound” – out in stores beginning of January! But, in the meantime…





Creating a 3D-like effect, reminiscent of Nintendo games and early Star Wars films, Morinaga created his Low Resolution collection around the 8-bit inspired colorful square blocks. He takes his concept one step further with the theme carried over to the ANREALAGE store in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo. Every last detail is rendered in a few pixels per inch; from the clothing collection to the large floor rug and the wooden furniture down to the light bulbs. Kunikiho explains the inspiration for the collection ’low (resolution)’.


To depict the ordinary, and to really focus on the strangeness and the overlooked within the ordinary, or what is real”.

Kunihiko started his own label ANREALAGE in 2003.  In 2006 he was able to show his first collection at the Tokyo fashion week. When Lady Gaga in an interview on Fuji TV wore a couture suit out Kunihiko’s 2007 Fall/Winter Harukaharu – Over the Rainbow collection, which was made out of 15 000 golden buttons and weighing about 20 kg, the brand reached a phenomenal success. ‘Cause who better then Lady Gaga can hype a brand?

This year he picked up the prestigious Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix Award, for best brand with his Low Resolution collection. The photo below is from Shiseido on Mainichi paper which celebrates ANREALAGE.  Photo shot by Mika Ninagawa with Kiko Mizuhara obviously getting her pixel sexy on.

ANREALAGE is a combination of the words meaning; real, unreal and age. It’s based on the concept that ‘God is in the details’. The reason it is ‘anreal’ instead of ‘unreal’. To find out more about the man behind the bright-coloured pixels

No we didn’t either. That’s why we decided to do an interview with him to unravel his creative brain. You can read the interview with this interesting, yet crazy designer in issue 24 of one small seed magazine, “Listen to my Colour & Look at my Sound”