The message is very simple, whomever you are, ‘You Are Beautiful’. This awesome street art project is spreading a positive message throughout the world. The anonymous, Chicago-based artists behind You Are Beautiful shed light on the art project’s optimistic history. Read on to find out more about this interesting project.

‘You Are Beautiful’ is a simple, powerful statement which is incorporated into the over absorption of mass media and lifestyles that are wrapped in consumer culture. That’s why it’s so good that they’re creating a positive self realization. When you’re on the streets and you’re having a bad day and you read the message: ‘You Are Beautiful’, it can make your day a little bit better. How can it be, that such a message can make your day. That’s the power of words. Even simple words like: ‘You Are Beautiful’, can have that impact. Nowadays this anonymous crew from Chicago have collaborated with artists from all over the world to produce feel-good, inspiring street art. You can find their lyrical work on top of buildings, on trains, against a park fences, written in a multitude of different languages. Written in English, Chinese or Spanish, the message stays the same.

The artists about their project:

We believe this message is extremely important, especially in the climate of our society today. Life is extremely challenging. Whether you are dealing with major challenges or obstacles, or just stuck in the daily grind of life, we all need positive forces out there, reminding us of our worth.

We think the most interesting aspect of this project is that it was created to be accessible to everyone. While many artists are involved in the project, the message is intended to span the entire human condition, not necessarily just the art community. The website gets heavy traffic, and we receive over 100 sticker requests a week from people all around the world, and in all walks of life.

Below are a selection of installations from the You Are Beautiful crew… Some inspiring work indeed! Check out more Beautiful messages by visiting their site HERE.

Source:, Images: You Are Beautiful