Born Joseph Saddler in 1958, Grandmaster Flash is now almost 60 years old. Gracing South African soil this October, we were able to gain some insight into the science behind the man himself and how this living legend came to find his way into music history, overcoming every negative voice who told him he would never amount to anything… coining the term “beatbox,” the crossfade and the instrumental use of the turntables themselves, this man is not your average Joe. Length 03:42 (October 2012)

Encounter with Grandmaster Flash from one small seed on Vimeo.



Location: redbull studious- Cape Town

Special thanks: rocking the daisies

Music: ‘wildstyle
the message
new york, new york
Grandmaster flash and the furious five

Produced by: one small seed productions

Shot: john norman

Edited: loyiso mzamane