For a moment in time, Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde plays god and creates a perfect cloud — just long enough to be photographed and captured forever. The idea is to fill an ominous empty gallery with an element that is intriguing and fleeting.



By orchestrating just the right amount of moisture, back-lighting and smoke, a whimsical cloud is introduced for the viewer to recognize. It can represent any number of emotions or concepts — including misfortune. Smilde wanted to play with the clichéd notion of a glum cloud of doom suspended above heads and destiny, while creating a moment so ephemeral that there could be doubt you even saw it at all.

In this gallery that defies conventional notions about stagnancy in art, the momentary clouds make for an experience that is eerie and other-world like. While they can only be experienced briefly in real life, as photographs they are frozen, observed and enjoyed eternally. This opens the door for other creative possibilities, such as manipulation and imitation of the elements. After all, everyone wants to play god…even if it’s just for a fleeting moment.

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