Images of the Week features four astounding visual delights every week from one small seed network.

At the end of each week, we add four more images from to the relevant month’s gallery collection on All images are the featured works of members of one small seed network, our creative online community. To have your work featured here, simply sign up as a member and start uploading!

Week 03

'Lost Lady' by Lindie Jacobs

‘Lost Lady’ by Lindie Jacobs

'Princess Malfunction' by Kyle Araujo

‘Princess Malfunction’ by Kyle Araujo

Taken from "Dreams and Nightmares" album by Janine Kuschke

Taken from “Dreams and Nightmares” album by Janine Kuschke

'The Curtain Call' by Ilse Moore

‘The Curtain Call’ by Ilse Moore

Week 02

'At One With Nature' by Yaseera Moosa

‘At One With Nature’ by Yaseera Moosa


'Mmana' by  Sibusiso Ngubeni

‘Mmana’ by Sibusiso Ngubeni


'Floating Curtain' by Sven Kristian

‘Floating Curtain’ by Sven Kristian


'BEE' by Daniela Sarinski

‘BEE’ by Daniela Sarinski