At the end of each week, we add four more images from to the relevant month’s gallery collection on All images are the featured works of members of one small seed network, our creative online community. To have your work featured here, simply sign up as a member and start uploading!

Enjoy our selection for June and take a look at previous month’s top images, here!

Week 04

'Katja' by Aidan Tobias

‘Katja’ by Aidan Tobias

untitled by Jessica Gaertner

untitled by Jessica Gaertner

'Warriors Nevers Die' by Mashumi Art Projects

‘Warriors Nevers Die’ by Mashumi Art Projects

'Free Spirit' by zeno petersen

‘Free Spirit’ by zeno petersen

Week 03

'Motionless' by Logan Lopata

‘Motionless’ by Logan Lopata

'Suicide Inside' by Sin International

‘Suicide Inside’ by Sin International

untitled by Neil Acid

untitled by Neil Acid

* by Liz

* by Liz

Week 02

untitled by Neil Acid

untitled by Neil Acid

'The Frown' - Jacqueline van Staden

‘The Frown’ – Jacqueline van Staden

'Art meets Art' by Jason Paul Hermann

‘Art meets Art’ by Jason Paul Hermann

'Street Life' by Logan Lopata

‘Street Life’ by Logan Lopata

Week 01

'Seducer' by  David van Rensburg

‘Seducer’ by David van Rensburg

'Bridge' by Tshego Waisi

‘Bridge’ by Tshego Waisi

'Machine' by Joff'

‘Machine’ by Joff’

'In the Dark' by  Tauriq Dolley

‘In the Dark’ by Tauriq Dolley