‘House of Clashes’ is the first single off PHFAT’s new album HAPPINESS MACHINES and combines lo-fi aesthetics with surrealist art house, cheesy horror and tragicomedy. It was directed with a strong focus on off-kilter portraiture, jarring composition and opposing combinations of beauty and gore. The video is a representation of everything the song says, everything the band enjoys and everything the director has been dying to try.(Length: 03:09)

PHFAT – ‘House of Clashes’

Back in 2011, one small seed caught up with the boys for their Assembly gig as part of their Worldwide Success Tour to find out, well, all about their success.

PHFAT Worldwide Success Tour from one small seed on Vimeo


Cape Town Launch Party
Pretoria Launch Party
JHB Launch Party

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Director: Travys Owen
Camera Operator: Stan Kaplan
Stylist: Chloe Andrea
Assistant Stylist: Brodi Deer
Hair and Makeup: Toni Greenberg