Arya (Bianca Malinowski) is the last remaining member of her family, a lineage with a unique genetic code that grants the ability to survive the folding of temporal and spatial boundaries… In short, she can teleport. Tasked with exploring new planets, she is in search of something that will explain who exactly she is and where she comes from. (Length: 08:16)

BEYOND, sci fi short film from Raphael Rogers on Vimeo.

A note from Raphael Rogers:

My original inspiration for the film was the question, ‘what if we could go beyond the stars?’ I came up with that concept and played with it. I know the answer to that question isn’t fully answered in the short, but I do have the answer, so it’s coming.


Director: Raphael Rogers
Producers: Raphael Rogers, Bianca Malinowski
Talent: Bianca Malinowski, Andrew Varenhorst, Raphael Rogers

source: Vimeo