An alluring woman living at a roadside motel carries out an earthly routine, but over the course of a night her true nature is revealed. (Length: 16:07)

LONG DAYS from Adam Keleman on Vimeo

In the desolate landscape of the American Northeast, Carol, an alluring woman living on the fringe, carries out her quiet routine. Even as she lands an interview for a job as a waitress, she gets a call for the work she can’t refuse. In the ensuing racy encounter, her true identity is exposed.


Writer/Director/Producer: Adam Keleman
Starring Dakota Goldhor, Tom Pavey, Reagan Leonard, and Dan Burkarth
Cinematographer: James Axel West
Editor: Scott Cummings
Sound Editor: Frank Gaeta
Production Designer: Katie Hickman
Costume Designer: Jennifer Park
Music Composer: Joshua Graver
Producer: Ted Feldman