This week’s Album of the Week is entitled The Performer | Part 1 and is by member Ilse Moore. Ilse describes the project, saying ‘the Performer actually happened during an impromptu shoot weekend away in Groot Mariko. Johan Baird, who is a stage and film actor and screenwriter, donned his suit and we went for a swim in the beautiful natural spring. The Eye itself is about 16-17m deep and is surrounded by water lilies, some growing up to 3.5m long from deep in the water. During editing, this underwater mask and mirror series reminded me of the multidimensional aspects of role playing and I started using the waterline and reflections as a meeting point between the personal reality of the performer and the psyche that births the character. At times the two characters become one and tap into each others energy and the lines between reality and fantasy gets blurred. The images seem theatrical as if part of a play and I enjoy how the water itself becomes a part of the symbolism. While allowing the performer to play freely, the water will ultimately consume him if he doesn’t re-emerge to breath.’ Join. today and have your own work featured.