Get ready to watch energetic geometric figures grooving to happy beats in Miami Horror’s brand new music video – Wild Motion (Set it Free), directed by Sebastian Borckenhagen.


Screen shot

South African illustrator and writer – Borckenhagen, was approached by the Australian indie-tronica band, to skillfully create the animation. The aesthetic stays true to Borckenhagen’s ‘afro-tribal’ style which fuses organically with the upbeat tune. The dancing figures and geometric shapes were painstakingly crafted by drawing with pastels on black paper creating a psychedelic feast for the eyes.

Screen shot

Screen shot

Miami Horror’s offering was the sunny track which will transport you to your summer holiday memories with their ‘80s inspired electronica vibes. The track is a little taster for the release of their Sophomore album late 2014. Producer, Benjamin Plant says:

“Musically, ‘Wild Motion (Set It Free) is a love child of Talking heads, Paul Simon and some sort of lost 80’s Australian anthem, while lyrically it ponders when is it time to set something free”

Borckenhagen produced his first music video animation’s for John Wizards on their tracks: Muizenberg and Lusaka by Night (2013).

Lusaka by Night

His love for animating music videos is because he gets ‘a lot from the interplay between sound and images’. Borckenhagen is also the founder of the Cape Town Zine Project, which started in July 2012 to help platform local zine creators in one central space, and facilitate with D.I.Y skills for making zines. Take a look behind the zines…


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